Monday, April 02, 2007

Automatic for the People (tales from a friend, new series)

I am starting a new series today called "Tales From a Friend" which will tell the story of some humorous events that have occurred to
a friend of mine.

Automatic for the People
A great album from REM? Read on...

You no doubt have seen the proliferation of those automatic faucets in movie theatres and public washrooms around the city. Many people, mostly those with obsessive compulsive disorder or those who work with public health, consider them a godsend, as did my friend until he had a sleepover with his kid at the "playland".

It was put on by the Beavers (very little boy scouts) as an overnight event for kids and parents to celebrate another successful year. Armed with a change of clothes in case the excitement got too intense or if too much water was consumed prior to bed my friend and his son were ready for anything. Anything, that is, except for the superfluousness of modern society.
It was late in the night when the kids finally stopped running around in order to get ready for bed. "Did you wash your hands?" "Did you brush your teeth?" "Did you go pee?" The answer always came back as "YES, YES, YES". During this interrogation it went unnoticed that my friend had thrown his kit bag on the sink next to the one he was using to disinfect his kid. As he proceeded with the finishing touches with his son the boy turned to him and asked him why he was filling up his bag with water. "NOOOOOO!", "CRAP!" "SON OF A *****!"
Next time mom will pack an extra set of sleep clothes for dad and encase them in a ziplock bag.
Not much REM sleep that night.


Anonymous said...


Give this "friend" a psuedonym in the future. It will help you flesh out the story.

Tres amusing

Zartimus said...

Yeah, some strange name like Billiard or something.

Tripper said...

Too funny. Looking forward to the new series.