Sunday, August 03, 2008

2008 Ottawa Buskerfest

Here are a few scenes from the 2008 Ottawa Busker Festival.
The great Raphael fire eater!!!!!

What goes in... (a nail in this case)....

must come out....

Peter Rabbit makes friends with the audience.

Bike Boy on high.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fixing 04 Sienna Passenger Side Mirror

A little while ago the passenger side mirror on my 04 Toyota Sienna CE was smashed. I called the dealer to price a new one and was quoted $330.00 + tax and installation (ouch). I decided to find one elsewhere and install it myself. What follows is a series of pictures I hope will help someone else in a similar situation.
First of all I got the details of the mirror from the dealer based on the VIN (there are many variations and using the VIN will obtain the right match). My mirror was power + heated with no auto-dimmer. I called around starting with Canadian Tire who said I should try NAPA Autoparts who then directed me to their supplier CMAX. Their price came to $72!! (incl tax). It took 2 days for them to get it to Ottawa from Toronto.

Here is a picture of my smashed mirror.

Here is a picture of my new mirror out of the box

Let me start with a picture of the final step before unplugging and unbolting the broken mirror. This is were you should end up after following the steps below:

Step 1. Remove Bracket Garnish
From the top, pop out the cover using a flat head screwdriver and pivot it out to remove.

Step 2. Remove Inside Handle Bezel
Pull the door handle open and pop out the bezel (plastic cover)

Step 3. Remove the armrest
A. Open the armrest door and remove the screw inside.

B. Start at the outside end of the armrest and use a flat-head screwdriver pry up the armrest.

Here is a closeup of the clip at the end of the armrest. You have to push it in with the screwdriver to disengage it.

The middle portion of the armrest has a clip that must also be disengaged.

Finally disconnect the electrical connectors.

Here is a close-up of the connector. Push the middle portion of the clip inwards to extract it.

Step 4. Remove the trim board sub-assembly (underneath the armrest)
(3 screws)

Step 5. Remove 2 additional screws that hold on the door panel.
Screw 1 is under the previously remove trim sub-assembly.

Screw 2 is where the door handle is.

Step 6. Remove the door panel clips
There is one screw-type clip at the outer edge of the door.

and 9 pop-type clips around the door.

Step 7. Lift up the door panel to loosen and gain access to the power wires and securing nuts for the mirror. Disconnect the power wires and remove the 3 nuts and the mirror will pull off from the outside of the door.

Installation is the reverse of the removal.

I hope this helps.