Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Shopping Cart (tales from a friend)

I am sure everyone is aware of the Costco chain of stores, formerly known as the Price Club. You know that when you go there you require a giant shopping cart just to pick up a package of Certs. Well the other day my friend, lets call him Wilber, was in there doing some last minute Easter shopping.

In Christian religions Easter is the most important holiday on the Calendar. I always thought that a little strange since without Christmas there would be no Easter. Anyhow Easter Sunday is always a hit with most people because of the chocolate and everyone is usually in a good mood.

Flash back to Wilber walking though the Costco cartless. Suddenly it dawns on him he will need some wheels to haul the giant chocolate bunny out of the store. He looks around and, like the reappearance of the Lord Himself, Wilber sees a free shopping cart sitting in the aisle. He grabs it and begins loading it with his stuff. Suddenly he hears a man speaking in an elevated and aggravated tone:
"Hey, you took my cart!"
Well knowing he was the culprit, in his mind he prepared an apology as he turned around.
"I didn't touch your cart!"
Huh, why would Wilber say such a thing?
"Listen man, give me my cart back or else!"
It turns out that the altercation Wilber thought he was facing was actually one he was witnessing. Knowing that he was the cause but not knowing how to intervene Wilber slinked away from the scene as the 2 men rained blows down on one another. As security ran by him to quell the riot Wilber rushed to the cash with his bunny.

HAPPY EASTER (daddy's been incarcerated).


Zartimus said...

Willllllbur. How clever!

I like this new tack you're taking. I'm putting you in my rss feeds

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Now this is a blog worth following.