Sunday, August 05, 2007

Feel the Burn (Tales from a friend)

And now for another installment of "Tales From a Friend".

Sometime ago (about a year) my friend decided to co-habitat with a women he had met and grown fond of. This decision did not come easy to Wilber as he had to give up a house he rented in Manotick at a ridiculously low price. He had decided to move into her house and give up his bachelor lifestyle (not a big sacrifice). What was going to be a big sacrifice was what he had to do with the "valuables" he had accumulated over the years of singlehood.
His collection included a wide range of items from damaged TV tables to framed photographs of car shows. Wilber is not one to part with anything he would deem valuable but necessity is the mother of invention. By decree (girlfriend, moving buddies, etc...) it was decided that most of the stuff had to go.

He decided to donate the more useful items to the local chapter of the neighbourhood services. This organization is a staple in the community and assists people who are in need. It broke his heart to have to part with these treasures but knowing that his life's work would somehow carry on through someone else eased the anxiety and pain that he felt.

Unfortunately the headline in the following day's Ottawa Citizen newspaper read:

Arson suspected in Neighbourhood Services fire.

"Do I still get a tax receipt?"